Architectural Titanium: Cutting Edge and Environmentally Friendly

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For those who appreciate excellence

Since 2003, Prime Metals has been providing North America’s top architects, artists and manufacturers with best-in-class, cutting-edge architectural titanium and stainless steel solutions from Asia’s leading manufacturers. Unsurpassed in quality, uniqueness, spectrum of colors and available array of tailored finishes, our products are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications that fuse distinctiveness, durability, flawless finishing and aesthetic excellence.

With a meticulous commitment to craftsmanship, Prime Metals empowers superior works of architecture, art and design by consistently producing diverse, high-end metals and finishings preferred by discriminating clientele including prize-winning architects and world-renowned artists.

Showstopping finishes. Lasting color. Superb flexibility. Great mechanical strength. Light weight. High corrosion, heat and shock resistance. Ease of cleaning. Eco-friendliness and extensive warranties. These are just some of the superior attributes and advantages of our titanium and stainless steel products. With unrivaled expertise and decades of experience, we enhance them further by masterfully tailoring, etching, mechanically finishing, coloring, bead blasting, embossing, pickling, polishing or plating to seamlessly complement your project and realize your vision.

From supporting the realization of unforgettable buildings and sculptures to providing high quality polishing for industrial, automotive, boating and furniture manufacturers, discover why Prime Metals is a trusted partner and valued supplier for all the right reasons.

Replacing leaded copper with titanium

Environmental problems that come from using Leaded Copper can be addressed by using colored titanium. Titanium can give you the look you want but without the environmental imapact.

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